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Industry focus

Microbizz is relevant to companies within all industries and today Microbizz is widely used by companies within a range of businesses – transportation, energy supply, service and maintenance, Facility Management, contractors, crafts, consultancy, the public sector and production companies etc.

Microbizz is available as a standard solution in a predefined “set up” for the following industries: Service & Maintenance, Facility Management and Contractors & Crafts. These predefined setups offer standardised workflows. But for these and all other industries, Microbizz can also be delivered as an enterprise solution, built to support the exact workflows in your company.

Facility Management

Every industry is unique. Microbizz offers specific features for optimizing workflows within Facility Management.

Service Management

Every industry is unique. Microbizz offers specific features for optimizing workflows within Service Management.

Construction and crafts

Every industry is unique. Microbizz offers specific features for optimizing workflows within Construction and Crafts.


Today Microbizz is used in different municipalities within different areas – task planning, quality management, route planning, project management as well as communication with subcontractors and even citizens.

Other industries

With Microbizz, the planning and execution of tasks and projects is optimized, quality and documentation is easily managed, administration is minimized and workflows are streamlined. This concerns companies within all industries.

Standard functions

The heart of Microbizz is a CRM system containing all customer data – activities, documents etc. This means that all information is gathered in one place and can be accessed at any time via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Tasks and projects

Task planning in Microbizz is based on all relevant parameters – from employee data (e.g. skills and working hours) to different quality parameters, financial data, quality standards, customer data etc. Changes to plans are made quickly and easily. Employees have a complete and current overview of all details via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Production plan

With Microbizz you have a complete, realtime overview of production plans. This includes deadlines, staffing, milestones etc. Changing plans is done simply and quickly. 100% optimal planning is assured, since all relevant data is encountered including task details, customer data, employee data, financial data etc.

Time recording

Employees check in and out via smartphone or tablet, thereby recording work hours immediately and forming the basis for automatic timesheets. In the event of any deviations, these can easily and quickly be recorded on-site. Time records provide the basis for creating the timesheets used for payroll processing. This can be integrated with payroll systems.


Microbizz makes it quick and easy to create staff plans and to make any changes to these, for example, in the event of illness or other emergency situations. All data about the individual employee will be stored in the system and form the basis for planning, including working hours, skills, certifications, contract terms etc.

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Quality forms can be linked to tasks and vice versa. Employees can quickly fill in forms “on site” and record any deviations. Photo documentation can be attached. Conditions concerning special approvals, certifications, etc. can be guaranteed, including certainty of correct employees for specific tasks.

Goods consumption

Goods can be ordered directly from suppliers – also “on site” via the app. You get a complete overview of the goods consumption and you can easily control the automatic restocking of goods. This means streamlining and minimizing administration and any wastage. It also ensures a correct basis for invoicing.


Microbizz offers a wide range of reporting possibilities across different business areas in the company. All data and documents are stored in the central CRM system and everything is based on realtime data. Microbizz thereby provides an optimal knowledge base for decision making at all levels of the company.


The Microbizz GPS function gives you an overview of the physical location of tasks, vehicles, customers, etc. It is possible to use i.e. QR and NFC codes, to register equipment or manage secure access.

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Facts about Microbizz

100% mobile

Microbizz is 100% mobile and accessed via app or PC. The app is a native app – meaning it is 100% functional, even without network access.

Increased productivity

Microbizz supports and automates the workflows and processes of your company, meaning higher efficiency and less administration.

Happy employees

Microbizz is user-friendly and easy to operate. It is easy and quick to generate own forms and check lists, to enable easy and correct data on the tasks to be registered.

In good company

Microbizz is used within a wide range of industries to handle a wide range of activities – to manage tasks and projects, quality management, process management, resource optimization, sales management etc.