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Henrik Lundkvist

Director of Sales and Marketing



Mobile: 3070 2222

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Jonas Dansbo

Client Manager



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This is what our customers are saying

  • One realization that comes from working with Microbizz on a daily basis is the incredible flexibility we have.

  • There is no doubt that our bottom line has at least doubled since we embraced the digital world.

  • Microbizz plays a vital role in ensuring that we possess accurate information - we possess the necessary certificates and documentation to present to our clients.


  • We can see that today we have a customer dissatisfaction rate that is one-third of what it was before Microbizz, all while delivering three times as much.

  • The most important aspect of Microbizz is its ability to be customized according to individual needs. This means that we can easily modify numerous parameters to suit our preferences.

  • Microbizz allows us to concentrate on the things that matter.

  • We chose Microbizz because it is a great system that brings together the things we were missing in terms of being able to manage finances, service notes, and work sheets all in one platform.


  • Vi har fået meget mere kvalitet ind i vores opgaver


  • If we had stayed in our old system, I am confident that we would not have been able to handle the same amount of orders as we are able to now.

  • We have achieved enhanced transparency and improved clarity regarding our open cases, as well as greater transparency in relation to billed cases.