Other industries

Each industry has its unique needs. Microbizz has special features for optimizing workflows in all industries.

”Enterprise solution”

With Microbizz, the planning and execution of tasks and projects is optimized, quality and documentation is easily managed, administration is minimized and workflows are streamlined. This concerns companies within all industries.

For companies within Facility Management, Maintenance Service and Crafts – Microbizz can be offered as an industrial standard solution with predefined workflows. But within all industries, Microbizz can also be delivered as an “Enterprise Solution” – meaning, the solution is designed to support the exact workflows as defined by the company. This workflow description can be made in cooperation between the company and Ventu A/S. Typically this is done in a workshop format, where the defined workflows are described in relation to the possibilities with Microbizz – and a solution is defined to optimize workflows and operations.

Case: Bravida Danmark A/S


Bravida Danmark was looking for an IT solution to handle complete traceability and quality management regarding supplies and tools in connection with the signal program on the new railway line on Zeeland and Funen.


“”Our main contractor had a mandatory requirement that we should document full traceability and handle quality on all supplies and tools used in the project. This we can do, with Microbizz. On top of that, we can easily and effectively manage the planning of tasks and installations as well as the overall quality management in the complete signal project – within one solution. Microbizz has given us a unique and complete overview, which makes it a lot easier to handle such a big project”, explains Nina Christiansen, Project Coordinator at Bravida Danmark.

Higher security

The supplies and tools, used in the project, are registered in Microbizz via QR codes. All quality controls are registered via forms in Microbizz. “Without Microbizz, we would have had to handle it all manually in excel sheets. We would have used a lot more administrative resources and we would not have accomplished the same amount of safety and security. With Microbizz, we can always easily and quickly both document our quality controls and the usage of material and parts. It is easy, quick and flexible to create reports. Thereby we have accomplished optimal safety and efficiency at the same time”, Nina Christiansen explains.

Effective task management

With Microbizz, the employees at Bravida can get an overview of all tasks and their content via smartphone, tablet or PC. Relevant information about the task can be seen via notes – and relevant quality information, can be registered quickly and easily via forms, on site. All in all, it means a lot less administration and more time for operation and quality management.

External partners

Open the cockpit

Via the extranet, customers, subcontractors and other external partners can access relevant data and documents. Documents could be quotations, order confirmations, contracts, quality forms etc. External partners can also upload documents, answer questionnaires etc.

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