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Microbizz for Municipalities

Today Microbizz is used in different municipalities within different areas – task planning, quality management, route planning, project management as well as communication with subcontractors and even citizens.

The solution is 100% digital and mobile. Everything is accessed via smartphone, tablet or PC. All information is available 24/7 at different levels of the organization.

• Easy task management – via smartphone, tablet or PC.
• Flexible and easy planning and management of all tasks.
• Easy to create and plan both ad hoc tasks and repetitive tasks.
• Routes available i.e. on tablet or smartphone with maps, text and messages.

• Automatic time sheets, reports and possible warnings.
• Quality assurance and inspections. Easy to plan, create check forms etc.
• Complete asset overview – equipment, fleet, tools etc.
• Project management.
• Extranet for communication with subcontractors and other externals.

Rudersdal municipality

Watch a movie, on how Microbizz works for Rudersdal municipality.

The Municipality of Copenhagen – “Leisure and Culture Department”

The municipality of Copenhagen – “Leisure and Culture department” has chosen Microbizz

The municipality of Copenhagen has chosen Microbizz for task management, documentation, quality management etc. for their Facility Management tasks, maintenance of buildings, plants etc – within their “Leisure and Culture department”.


“We were very thorough in our search for relevant solutions. We ended up with two possible solutions – and based on our most important decision criteria, Microbizz was chosen as no 1. It was crucial to us, that Microbizz is a native app, to make sure, that we can use the app 100%, even without network access i.e. in basements. Photo documentation is also very important as well as the user interface. It all came down to that Microbizz was the right choice for us, and we look very much forward to start using the system”, says Peter Stie Broberg, Project Manager in the Copenhagen Municipality.

External partners

Open the cockpit

Via the extranet, customers, subcontractors and other external partners can access relevant data and documents. Documents could be quotations, order confirmations, contracts, quality forms etc. External partners can also upload documents, answer questionnaires etc.

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Microbizz offers a wide range of benefits for municipalities due to its extensive flexibility and ease of use.