Optional modules

Microbizz offers a range of optional modules within specific areas such as equipment, sales, driving etc.

Modules creating value

Microbizz is a modular based system – including a range of optional modules to be chosen according to your company’s needs. This includes for example the “Equipment module”, enabling realtime data on equipment, fleet, tools. Or the “Extranet module” that displays Microbizz relevant data and documents to your clients and suppliers etc.


The equipment module gives you a complete overview of all equipment; where it is located, who is using it, when it is available, capacity utilisation etc. If is therefore possible to plan equipment according to tasks and double bookings can be avoided. The planning of service is handled automatically. It is possible to link tasks and any type of forms to equipment.


The extranet module allows your customers to view and approve tasks and the status of tasks as well as forms, inspections, deviations, etc. You can make all data and documents visible to the customers. Customers can also upload documents, e.g. orders via an order form which then initiates the task in the system.


The sales module allows you to handle everything in relation to submitting tenders, preparing tenders on site, follow up of tenders, etc. You can also manage everything relating to customer agreements and booking meetings – quickly and easily. You receive a complete overview of ongoing tenders, status in relation to budgets, etc. You can run campaigns – from extraction to distribution and follow-up etc.


Incoming and outgoing invoices are automatically added to the system correctly on the right project. This allows a 100% current overview of costs in relation to budget. Goods consumption is registered on the right project and is reinvoiced to the task. Invoices can be sent directly from Microbizz with the correct information and product lines.


The driving module allows you to achieve major streamlining in terms of route planning and driving. Messages about tasks which must be dealt with out on the road can be entered as text or speech. The employee can view the route on their tablet, including messages. Route planning and instructions can be created at a detailed level – all the way down to the individual paths, blocked roads, etc.


The inspection module allows you to handle everything relating to planning, execution and follow-up of inspections. Option to create intervals for inspections for individual tasks – either as fixed planning or within a specific period of time. It is easy to get an overview of the status of inspections and results, including deviations.


The process module allows you to automate all types of processes in the company – from quality processes to sales processes, production processes, etc. You can therefore ensure that all processes are run as they should be, receive a complete overview, and achieve synergies across business areas and functions in the company.

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Customer relationship management

Standard functions

The heart of Microbizz is a CRM system containing all customers and customer data, history, documents, activities etc. This means that all information is gathered in one place and the employees can access relevant information at any time via computer, smartphone or tablet.