100% digital and mobile operation

Microbizz is all about optimising workflows, quality and administration. The structure of Microbizz is wide and flexible – for all companies no matter the industry or size.

Microbizz is all about optimising workflows.

With Microbizz you get
more out of your company

Microbizz is about optimising and digitalising workflows. Getting more out of your company’s resources – at the same time strengthening quality management and reducing administration. Microbizz covers the process all the way from sales to invoicing as well as extranet functionality and customer involvement. With Microbizz all areas of the company are embraced, thus making it possible to achieve company-wide synergies and optimisation of the overall efficiency and quality management.

Microbizz is centered around a CRM system – where all customers and customer data are located. The customer is the focal point and all activities are registered to each individual customer, so that everyone in the company has the same information and planning is based on relevant data.

Microbizz is for everyone

Microbizz is a cloud based and hosted solution. This means that no installation is required and it is quick and easy for you to start working with Microbizz. At the same time, it provides economic benefits – as there is no need to invest in software, installation, maintenance, etc.

Instead Microbizz is paid via a fixed monthly subscription price per employee which covers everything, including monthly updates.

You access Microbizz via PC, smartphone or tablet. It is simple and easy for everyone to use. The app is based on a native app with means, that all functions are available, even when there is no network access.

With Microbizz you get more out of your company’s resources with less time for administration.

Clients say

“With all expenses included – Microbizz licenses, mobile data fee and 16 Samsung tablets – we can see, that our ROI is less than 14 months.”

Henrik Hüttel Eriksen, Pacco A/S

“Microbizz allows us to handle the requirements for traceability and documentation – easily and efficiently.”

Nina Christiansen, Bravida Danmark A/S

Standard functions

The heart of Microbizz is a CRM system which contains all customers and customer data, history, documents, activities etc. This means that all information is gathered in one place and the employees can access relevant information at any time via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Tasks and projects

Task planning in Microbizz is based on all relevant parameters - from employee data (e.g. skills and working hours) to different quality parameters, financial data, quality standards, customer data, etc. Changing plans is done quickly and easily. Employees have a complete and current overview of all details via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Production plan

Microbizz gives you a complete and realtime overview of production plans, including deadlines, staffing, milestones, etc. Changing plans is done simply and quickly. 100% optimal planning is assured, since all relevant data is encountered including task details, customer data, employee data, financial data etc.

Time recording

Employees check in and out via smartphone or tablet, thereby recording work hours immediately and forming the basis for automatic timesheets. In the event of any deviations, these can easily and quickly be recorded on-site. Time records provide the basis for creating the timesheets used for payroll processing. This can be integrated with payroll systems.


Microbizz makes it quick and easy to create staff plans and to make any changes to these, for example, in the event of illness or other emergency situations. All data about the individual employee will be stored in the system and form the basis for planning, including working hours, skills, certifications, contract terms etc.


Quality forms can be linked to tasks and vice versa. Employees can quickly fill in forms “on site” and record any deviations. Photo documentation can be attached. Conditions concerning special approvals, certifications, etc. can be guaranteed, including certainty of correct employees for specific tasks.

Goods consumption

Goods can be ordered directly from suppliers – also “on site” via the app. You get a complete overview of the goods consumption and you can easily control the automatic restocking of goods. This means streamlining and minimizing administration and any wastage. It also ensures a correct basis for invoicing.


Microbizz offers a wide range of reporting possibilities across different business areas in the company. All data and documents are stored in the central CRM system and everything is based on realtime data. Microbizz thereby provides an optimal knowledge base for decision making at all levels of the company.


The Microbizz GPS function gives you an overview of the physical location of tasks, vehicles, customers, etc. It is possible to use i.e. QR and NFC codes, to register equipment or manage secure access.

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Optional modules

More Microbizz

Microbizz is built as a modular system – enabling a range of optional modules to be chosen by need. This includes for example the “Equipment module”, enabling realtime data on equipment, fleet, tools. Or the “Extranet module” that displays Microbizz relevant data and documents to your clients and suppliers etc.