Service companies

There are high demands in the service and maintenance industry, when it comes to planning and flexibility.

Microbizz for the service and maintenance industry

No two days are similar and break-downs are hard to foresee.

With Microbizz however, all task planning can be optimized and automatized – releasing resources to be used on customers and quality.

To all service and maintenance companies, handling quality and documentation – including statutory inspections, certificates and documentation according to SLA’s etc., is a must and can be done easily and quickly via Microbizz.

Everything can be displayed to customers and external contacts – via the Microbizz extranet.

A complete workflow in only 7 digital steps

See how our Service Solution works

Microbizz at Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S

Watch this video to see, how Microbizz is used as a Service Management tool, at the Danish company, Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S

Microbizz at Strandmøllen A/S

Watch this video to see, how Microbizz is used for planning and management of service tasks and quality control, at the Danish company, Strandmøllen A/S

Area of usage

Microbizz is an all-in-one solution with a very wide area of usage – from task management to documentation, quality management and administrative management.
Everything is connected via a CRM-database – with the aim of optimising the company’s operation, quality and documentation and business intelligence.


Overview and follow-up

Overview of leads, meetings, follow up etc. Goal and results on turnover, profit etc.

Internet of things

Equipment and fleet

Geographical placement of equipment, fleet etc optimizes planning and overview

Handling of maintenance on equipment, vehicles etc.

Maintenance – use of mandatory quality forms etc.


Competencies are key

Manage that right employee for the task i.e. based on competencies, certification, work plans, geography etc.

Manage renewal of certificates, approvals etc.


Optimized Service operations

Automatic and optimal planning of repeat service tasks based on relevant data
Handling of geographic zone planning
Easy to adjust planning and resources in case of repairs and emergency tasks

Possible to plan and manage “pool tasks”

Organised and optimal planning re. preventive maintenance and “state based” maintenance

Relevant data re. the task, site, equipment etc can be shown to the employee – up front

Possible to handle and manage tasks based on SLA (Service Level Agreement)


Managing resources

Complete overview of time and goods consumption – on own employees as well as freelance workers, subcontractors, contract workers etc.

This gives a complete and accurate foundation for invoicing and payroll

Overview and documentation of “ongoing work/activities”

Overview based on realtime data 24/7


Strong decision base

Realtime data access 24/7

Easy to generate reports including statistics and graphs

LetCommunication / set up can be role based (controlled via filters)

Many possibilities for setting up processes to manage information flow, follow up etc.


Management and documentation

Easy to generate own questionnaires and forms – including quality forms, satisfaction questionnaires, forms for registration of deviations etc.

Quality forms can be set up for tasks, customers, projects, processes. Specific answers in a form automatically generate specific tasks/actions/workflows

Quality forms are filled in at the customer site – via smartphone, tablet or PC

Secures documentation and overview – concerning i.e. certificates, approvals, security etc.


Planning and tracking of equipment and fleet

Planning and management of your equipment, vehicles, machines etc – and event mechanical parts, spare parts, consumables etc. Get a complete realtime overview of usage and location of all equipment.

See your capacity utilisation per equipment.

Handle service and maintenance, repairs etc.

BI / Collecting and measuring data

Data and realtime overview

All data on tasks, quality, equipment etc is registered in Microbizz, providing a strong data foundation.

Reports are quickly and easily drawn from the system – always based on realtime data.

Relevant data and documents can be shared with customers and external partners via the Microbizz Extranet.

Case: Bravida Danmark A/S


Bravida Danmark was looking for an IT solution to handle complete traceability and quality management regarding supplies and tools in connection with the signal program on the new railway line on Zeeland and Funen.


”Our main contractor had a mandatory requirement that we should document full traceability and handle quality on all supplies and tools used in the project. This we can do, with Microbizz. On top of that, we can easily and effectively manage the planning of tasks and installations as well as the overall quality management in the complete signal project – within one solution. Microbizz has given us a unique and complete overview, which makes it a lot easier to handle such a big project”, explains Nina Christiansen, Project Coordinator at Bravida Danmark.

Higher security

The supplies and tools, used in the project, are registered in Microbizz via QR codes. All quality controls are registered via forms in Microbizz. “Without Microbizz, we would have had to handle it all manually in excel sheets. We would have used a lot more administrative resources and we would not have accomplished the same amount of safety and security. With Microbizz, we can always easily and quickly both document our quality controls and the usage of material and parts. It is easy, quick and flexible to create reports. Thereby we have accomplished optimal safety and efficiency at the same time”, Nina Christiansen explains.

Effective task management

With Microbizz, the employees at Bravida can get an overview of all tasks and their content via smartphone, tablet or PC. Relevant information about the task can be seen via notes – and relevant quality information, can be registered quickly and easily via forms, on site. All in all, it means a lot less administration and more time for operation and quality management.

External partners

Look inside the cockpit

Via the extranet, customers, subcontractors and other external partners can view relevant data and documents. Documents could be quotations, order confirmations, contracts, quality forms etc. External partners can also upload documents, answer questionnaires etc.

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Clients within the service industry

Microbizz has become a serious player in the Service Management software industry. The industry is characterized by a demand for high flexibility, strict planning and a large number of quality standards and demands.